Internationalization (Formats for Number, Currency, Date and Time entries)

These settings control the display of numbers, currencies, time and date data as well as translated texts (for example, in pickup fields).

  • Provide a general FormatLCID as the basis for all numbers, currencies, dates and times. The default values ​​for each country can be overridden.
  • Provides a TranslationLCIS to localize the information from the crm system.
  • Pre setting a TimeZone to convert all time values.

If no settings are available, the settings of the currently logged on user are used.


User settings


  • Specify the decimal separator
  • Specify the group separator and the group size
  • Presetting the formatting of negative numbers


  • The display corresponds to the number format
  • Formatting for negative and positive currency amounts


  • Patterns for all time formats
  • Separator to use for hours, minutes and seconds
  • Texts of the morning and afternoon indicators for 12h time formats


  • Patterns for all date formats
  • Separator to use for years, months and days