Install the CRM Application

This guide helps you to provision your CRM online tenant with the awisto OfficeIntegration.

  1. Download the solution package
  2. Unblock the ZIP file otherwise the unzip is incomplete

    Unblock the ZIP

  3. Extract the ZIP into a local directory

  4. Start the installation by right-clicking the PackageDeployer.exe application. Choose Run as Administrator.
  5. Choose Next

Package Deployer Start Screen
Package Deployer Start Screen

Step 2 - Connect to Your CRM Organization

  1. Choose Deployment Type Office 365
  2. Tick Display list of available organizations
  3. Tick Show Advanced
  4. Choose your Online Region
  5. Enter your User Name and Password
  6. Click Login

Connect to CRM Organization Screen
Connect to CRM Organization Screen

Known Issues

Installation tool not running with elevated privileges

If you receive a error during login called DeviceAlreadyExists: 0x80041132 this is due to a lack of privileges. Ensure that you started the application elevated as Administrator.

Step 3 - Confirm Installation

  1. Select Next to confirm the package you install
  2. Select Next to confirm your organization
  3. Select Next to start the installation

Installation Overview Screen
Installation Overview Screen

Schema Validation failed

The import process may fail if the schema validation failes for missing fields. If this issue occures you can restart the import process again to circuit this issue with not fully complete import. Step-1

Step 4 - Finalize Installation

  1. Click Next to go to the end screen
  2. Click Finish to close the application

Confirmation page
Confirmation page

Configuration Options

You can configure some runtime settings of the package deployer tool via commandline.

Available Parameters

Paramter Description Default value
SkipConsent=true Skip the create consent step completly. False
SkipDataImport=true Skip importing any data. False

The following example instructs CRM Package Deployer to bypass the data import of the example templates.

packagedeployer.exe /Settings:"SkipDataImport=true"

Use the pipe | character to separate parameters when you run packagedeployer.exe at the command line with multiple parameters.