Work Inside Activities

Documents can also be created out of activity records. The only difference is you have to choose a target record type for the template. This can be:

  • An activity party: recipients, organizer, sender, from, to, cc, ...
  • The value of the field Regarding
  • The activity itself - e.g. you want to print a letter with predefined content

Before you begin, make sure that your selected activity has been saved.

To create a Document from an activity you need to:

  1. Select Create Document from the menu bar.
  2. A new dialog box in which you can select the target record for your template opens up. In this case, the letter itself was chosen. Confirm with Select Template.
  3. After that, a dialog box opens up where you can choose the template for the document you want to create.
  4. The last step is handling the document after the download is done.

Create document for an activity


The button Attach as Note creates attachments for example for e-mail activity records. With this function, you can conveniently attach an offer in PDF format to e-mails related to a quote record.