awisto OfficeIntegration is your one-click document automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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If you are a Dynamics 365 and Office 365 Administrator, you can start-over by following the links below. In any other case, you have to get hold on your Administrator to start the installation.

awisto OfficeIntegration

Document Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Create Word and PDF documents with a single click of your mouse! awisto’s OfficeIntegration creates all relevant documents such as offers, order confirmations and invoices quickly and easily with your current corporate design.

Your documents may contain any number of data from the CRM and can be linked to all kinds of objects. Additionally, documents can be processed directly as notes or email attachments. Make the most out of your daily correspondence.

Document Automation

Documents can be generated from those places in the system where automation is key.

Microsoft Word Template Designer

Our easy to use and powerful Microsoft Word based template designer allows you to use reuse all your document authoring knowledge.

No Limitations

Every CRM data record and all related information can be pulled into templates - no limitations.

Attach to Email or Letter Activity

Generate a new activity (email or letter) automatically - e. g. attaching the newly generated document.

Template Security

You have full control on who can use which template.

Full speed

Documents are ready in seconds - they are rendered on the server side.

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